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“Statistics 1” has helped over 25,000 students learn Intro Statistics.

“This app is the best statistics tool I’ve ever seen. Very clear and well-organized.”

iTunes Store Review 3/22/2010

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Proven to Increase Learning & Motivation

The “Statistics 1” app has been tested in Introductory Statistics classrooms and is proven to increase learning and motivation.  We co-authored an Educause Quarterly article summarizing a 2-year research program evaluating the app.  Findings were overwhelming positive.

The “Statistics 1” app was developed by Ph.Ds. that took Intro Stats and sympathize with students. We know that learning stats is like learning another language. This app was designed to be the perfect tool for anyone looking for an inexpensive and always available tool to help you learn and understand intro statistics.

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Recent Updates

iOS Version 1.4

- Addressed customer feedback by extensively revising Lesson and Quiz content
- New styling for lesson and quiz content
- Fixed an issue where lesson, glossary and formula content was not always correctly formatted for the size of the screen
- Stability improvements
- If the app is closed while viewing a lesson page, the app will remember which page. The next time the Lessons section of the app is opened, it will open directly to that remembered page.
- Tapping any of the editable fields in the SD Calculator or the Z Score calculator, you should now get a more appropriate number-pad keyboard with a decimal point key, rather than a full keyboard.
- Updated look and feel for most of the table views.
- Entries listed in many table views are no longer cut off with ellipses, but wrap so you can read the whole entry
- Updated “about us” page
- “SD Sim” now re-sizes image to keep aspect ratio in landscape
- Fixed search tool


"The course coupled with the app were a valuable tool for my understanding of statistics at an elementary stage. Thank you for creating a wonderful app that makes stats easy to read, learn and work with. Your help is invaluable."

"I was so impressed that I shared it with all my university colleagues as a potential tool for our Intro to Research course... This could very well be the future of university textbooks."

"This app helps my learning because it is convenient and I can learn anywhere or anytime."